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MobiEMG-WL is a mobile system designed to record signals like skin surface EMG, forces, pressures,... Thanks to its light weigth and its belt clip, it can be easily carried even by a young child. Up to 16 sensors dispatched on 8 push/pull connectors can be used simultanously. The signals are digitized and transmitted by Bluetooth in real time, thus allowing a computer, with appropriate software, to display the data in the same time. The important action radius (>100m) allows to use MobiEMG-WL in a wide range applications, from indoor clinical experiments to outdoor experiments in the sport field. The integrated memory card (512 Mo miniSD) allows also to use MobiEMG-WL like an autonomous recorder of long duration.

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 16 channels accepting various sensors (EMG, footswitches, forces, accelerometers,...)
 voltage range programmable channel by channel
 acquisition frequency up to 2000Hz
 12 bits analog/digital conversion
 autonomy greater than 1H30
 bluetooth class I emetter/receiver
 range > 100m
 integrated SD card of 512Mo
 real time data transfer
 autonomous recording mode
 size: 170 x 95 x 35 mm
 weight:~320g with battery


MobiEMG-WL requires a specialized acquisiton software like SAGA-3, Ivan-WL or Ivan.

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Two models of surface EMG amplified sensors are proposed. The first (BS-EMGP1) require Ag/AgCl stud electrodes with solid gel and the second (BS-EMGG1) integrates Gereonics miniature Ag/AgCl electrodes (11 mm in diameter with 2,5mm active part) which suit particularly to the recording of EMG signals produced by small muscles (arm, childs).


Gain 1000
Input resistance >= 1 GΩ
CMRR >= 100 dB
Bandwidth: 15-1000 Hz
Power supply voltage +/- 2,5V à +/-18V
Typical supply current at +/-5V: 2,2 mA
Protection ESD et RFI
Size:29 x 20 x 9 mm
Push/Pull connector
Project co-funded by
European Union
with the support of
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