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CameraMix-Pro is no longer developped and is replaced by Movia.

CameraMix-Pro  is an easy to use and affordable software that allows the recording of images coming from several video cameras simultaneously. Its  elegant and ergonomic user interface gives many possibilities to view video stored on the hard disk within a perfect synchronism.
CameraMix-Pro is the ideal solution for each situation whose observation from different points of view makes the interpretation easier.


  • Recording/Viewing of a phenomenon from several points of view
  • Synchronised Recording/Viewing of simultaneous but distant phenomenons
  • Scientific and medical applications: gait analysis, postures,...
  • Sport's movements analysis
  • Video coaching
  • Followed of trainings of long duration in team sports
  • Applications in education, communication, training,...
  • Every monitoring and surveying application

CameraMix-Pro in Capture mode
CameraMix-Pro in Play mode
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  • Up to 4 cameras simultanously
  • Various video inputs: FireWire, USB2/3, GigaBit Ethernet, HDMI/SDI (with appropriate capture cards)
  • 50/60 images/sec with HD or DV camcorders, up to 150 images/sec with some IDS cameras, up to 60 images/sec with some WebCams (Logitech Brio (1))  
  • Different visualization modes: parallel, PIP, superposition,...


  • Fast and various video encoders
  • Sound recording and mixing
  • Integrated tests manager
  • Easy creation of time events (during or after the capture) with automatic photo extraction 
  • Zooming functions
  • A complete set of tools for measure (and draw) angles and distances on video
  • Numerous printing modes
  • import/Export of video files (avi)
  • Import footscan data, temporal events (GaitRite, ProtoKinetics,...)
  • Free and redistributable reader
  • Comparison of video recordings
  • Online help
  • Available in many langages
  • Controllable by external softwares executed localy or remotely; a free SDK, CmxSDK, allows to add such functionalities to softwares written with various programming languages (C#, C++, VB, Matlab, Labview)


(1): requires Windows 8.1 or 10
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Video of a gait recorded at 50 Hz with 2 DV camcorders and a footscan platform
Video of a gait recorded at 80 Hz with 3 IDS USB2 UI-1220LE-C cameras (played 2x slower)
Video of a run recorded at 150 Hz with 1 IDS USB2 UI-1220LE-C camera (played 4x slower)
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  • PC under Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32 & 64 bits, DirectX 9, >4Go DRAM, HD >= 250 Go, 20" screen or better
  • Depending on the cameras: USB3/2, Ethernet, GigE or FireWire interface, HDMI/SDI capture card
  • USB3/2, GigE, Ethernet or FireWire cameras, HD or DV camcorders, Webcam

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CameraMix-Pro is no longer developped and is replaced by Movia.

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