système d'analyse gestuelle
3D Movements Analysis System
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      The new movements analysis system Saga-3RT was designed to be easy to use and to provide a great adaptability. The best proof is the use of smart cameras connected to a computer with only a simple Ethernet cable. To add a camera, it's only necessary to connect it to a standard Ethernet switch and to insert it in the synchronisation chain of the cameras. These cameras, associated to the SAGA-3RT software running under Windows, constitute a powerful, easy to use and economically advantageous solution to all needs of motion capture and analysis.
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  Each camera contains a powerful DSP processor which is able to find in real time the locations of a great number (>>100) of markers at a frequency up to 240/400 Im/sec. This computing power reserve is useful to find the location of the markers by analyzing the images in grey levels and also to compress the images so that they can be transferred to the computer over Ethernet (for display purpose).
  CCD sensor: 640 x 480 pixels at 240 Im/sec, 640 x 240 pixels at 400 Im/sec
 CMOS sensor: 1312 x 1082 pixels at 100 Im/sec, 1024 x 1024 at 150 Im/sec
 projector of 240 Infra-red leds (850 nm)
  C mount lens: from 4,8mm to 25mm

 maximum number of markers >> 100
  VGA video ouput on each camera 
  compressed video live thru Ethernet
  Ethernet connection (100 Mibts/sec)
  external power supply: 24V
  Size: 190(L) x 175(H) x 150(l)
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   The SAGA-3RT software is able to manage a theoritical maximum number of 255 cameras connected to a standard Ethernet switch. The calibration of the cameras is done by using the CALH2 method which is decomposed into 2 phases: one of them consists to move a wand equiped with 2 or 3 markers, and the other consists to define the 3D axis system with 3 markers only (no need of a calibration frame). The 3D reconstruction is automatically done in most cases.
   Saga-3RT is also able to acquire signals provided by external sensor like forces platform, EMG, footswitches, .... Of course, SAGA-3RT is also able to manage the wireless data recorder MobiEMG-WL, which is able to capture and transmit the data of 16 sensors by Bluetooth at a distance of 100m. Like Ivan and CameraMix, SAGA-3RT can capture video streams supplied by DV camcorders and to extract photographies and static measurements from these images.
   SAGA-3RT includes numerous functionalities to analyze and to display the collected data. Thus, all the functionalities present in Ivan (filtering, graphs displaying, feedback, ...) are also included in SAGA-3RT, and others specific to the 3D were added (animation, computations on the coordinates of the markers, ...).

Traditionnal gait analysis (played 2 times slower)
Analysis of gait with a stick
Of course, all the data acquired or processed by Saga-3RT can be exported into files of various formats (txt, csv, C3D, avi). Thus, it is possible to use external softwares like (Visual-3D,...) with data captured with Saga-3RT.
Golf swing analyzed at 240 Hz (played 4 times slower)
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Application domain
SAGA-3RT gives an answer to all demands encountered in any of the following areas:


 In medicine, it helps making on objective diagnosis whether it be before a surgical operation or for patient rehabilitation purposes



In sports, the accurate study of movements helps optimising performances as well as teaching an " ideal sports practice


in ergonomics, it allows the study of postures in order to re-organize a workstation according to ergonomic criteria and thus to reduce the occurrence of incidents or problems due to wrong positions

in biomechanics, elaborating mechanical models of human beings requires an elaborate analysis ; SAGA-3 provides the perfect answer to this kind of problem too


in robotics, SAGA-3 helps checking the (reaching) range of mechanical articulated structures and thus apprehending the safety aspects of such set-ups


In virtual reality and 3D animation, motion capture allows creating realistic movies in shortest time than conventional methods, reducing the production costs

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